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I got to know this blog when I was searching for Zumba. http://honeymeow.blogspot.com/
There is quite a lot of information on zumba on this blog as the owner is a zumba instructor, and the blog is pretty interesting to read too.

Recently I just bought a new single mattress. I had shopped for a bed frame previously and been to companies like Novena, Brighton and so on but the mattresses all seem overpriced to me. Fortunately I came across an online shop selling mattresses! I like the fact that they featured reviews of the mattresses so buyers can know what to expect even when they can't see the mattress before they buy. The site is easy to navigate according to the size of mattress you want and your budget. I had fun shopping online and delivery is free, plus they would help you dispose of your old mattress! I love the service! The delivery guy came on time with a brand new mattress with a plastic covering. I last brought a mattress from a well known brand, and the mattress came with a dusty plastic wrapping, so I am pleasantly surprise by Bed.sg products, I think they must have a very nice warehouse with a quick turnover so things do not really get dusty. The next time you are thinking of buying mattresses, I strongly recommend buying online at http://www.beds.sg

I ought to write about F1 for memory sake. I had bought a fund with Aviva Direct and they had sent me tickets to Friday and Saturday F1 race in the club suite! I went for the Friday event, it was fantastic and so VIP. We were on a second storey overlooking the grand stand. We could choose both outdoor seats or the air-conditioned indoor seats. We had a fantastic view right oppostite the Ferrari paddock area, and there was free flow of hotel style food and wine. WOW!

Current Mood: crazycrazy

Well although I didnt get a new blog in the end, I did pick a new blogskin. I guess this kind of signifies a new birth of the blog again. I think my blog is like a Phoenix. I do foresee many more rebirths in the years ahead.

I had wanted to select something pink, my favorite color. But somehow my mood must have been very mellow today, I settled for this template called "Gentle".

Current Mood: mellowmellow

It's been a long time since I wrote. Everytime I stopped writing and then wanted to write, I am so tempted to start a new blog, coz I wish to begin afresh. As much as I wish to disown the past each time, I decided to stay with my history each time and continue with this blog address. Even its name brings back memories. Twirling Penguin was in memory of a favorite icon of mine and my first boyfriend on MSN. It was a very cute icon which I frequently used back then becoz I was so happy just to be with him that I was like spinning for joy.

I guess I been in my present company for nearly six months. Its amazing how much I had gained and lost in the company. The first month was easy. It was go to work, had lunch in office, go back home. I usually like my lunch alone, it gives me time to surf the web, read the daily newspaper and do my own thing. The culture in the office was very individualistic then and everyone simply fended for himself. But I was content, afterall we go to work for work, I didnt really expect to build great friendship, afterall I got great friends already contactable on MSN just a second away.

Within a month or new, 4 new faces popped up. I didnt know how, but I was slowly drawn in into this close knitted friendship of 6 colleagues. It was just so fun to be in such a group. It was so different for me, somehow I had always relate better to people on a one to one basis or in small groups, hence my friends were usually in small groups of maximim 4 people. It was a new experience for me to be in a group of 6 colleagues but we had so much fun together, it was truly the best period of my life. We joked and laughed during lunches and breaks, teased each other until we were hoarse from laughter. Every session was a no-holds session of relentless teasings, jokes and fun filled banter. I could just see myself staying in the company for the next few years just for this company of colleagues.

Last thursday was a black thursday. One of my colleague resigned. She had decided to resign just that very morning because of differences with her manager, and she tendered her resignation with effect that very morning. My world just shattered. She was the one whom we voted the longest staying potential as she was awaiting her PR, but she was so soon gone. She was such a great colleague and had been a major pillar of support for me in the company and suddenly she was gone. I didnt expect myself to react this way too but I did. The tears started flowing and couldnt stop. I cried till I had a headache that afternoon.

Its been 3 working days since my colleague left. Its pretty quiet in the office without her now. I do miss her - very much... but I hope and know she will find a better job soon. Good luck and all the best, Shiobhan!

Current Mood: depresseddepressed

Sometimes I think the way to my heart could well truly be words – in the written form. I like paragraphs of prose and lyrical descriptions, of nature, love and life. Words have the magical ability to touch me, move me, plead with me and make my senses soar. Draw me into a world where no man walks, gentle in its soothing persuasion, lush in its surrounding landscape. Rabbits and deers at play beside cascading waterfalls, dewdrops adorn luxurious petals of bountiful flowers, a paradise far away from the maddening crowd.

I am asleep in a dream, awash with thoughts of you.

Current Mood: restlessrestless

Had lunch with J, S and K today. Was great catching up with J, who just returned to Singapore after a 3 months hiatus. We had fun talking, in a sense there was much more things we could share with each other now that we are ex-colleagues and not colleagues.

I hopped on to california gym for some light exercise next. Did the partner box exercise class, which was pretty fun. Stayed a bit for the belly dancing class, which made me miss belly dancing. I had done 2 10 weeks classes for belly dancing couple of years back. I like e exotic feeling of it. Then I had switched to salsa as salsa is a more practical dance, something that you can actually go out to a club and dance with. I gave up though, as I didnt have a fixed partner, and its difficult to practise salsa sans a partner. I feel like taking up belly dancing again now though, i should check up the schedules soon. I am not a graceful dancer, but dance classes are pretty fun. I like the workout, and that it forces me to concentrate and try to remember the routines.

Back at home in the evening. Nothing much was on TV so I watched a rerun of Sound Of Music on cable. I was surprised that I enjoyed the re-run as usually my short attention span doesnt really allow me to sit through reruns. Nevertheless, its such a classic movie, such timeless themes enacted so simply and without frills or exageration, I am glad i caught the show.

Current Mood: contentcontent

I like walking around. Like previously when my office was in river valley. I could walk around to nearly PS which is about a 12 minutes brisk walk. Or I could walk to Orchard and pop in the department stores for a while and hop out again. Or I can walk to Middle Road and buy yummy beancurd tarts at Le Cafe. I enjoy walking a little, to get to my destination. Its like building a momentum. I can think and reflect on life as I walk, or simply enjoy some quiet time to myself watching the world goes past as I carry on walking. There is this gentle juxtaposition between stillness and life when one is in motion. Its like nothing had changed, yet you know you are ahead by a few steps.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

I had run out of blusher and was shopping for a new one. Got curious by the Maybelline Blush Studio mousse, and after some procrastination and lingering, I decided to try it. Hey it is now my favorite make up routine to apply this spongy soft mousse to my cheeks. It feels like a butterfly kiss, light, fluttering and caressing. With blush powder, it feels like a broomstick sweeping your cheeks, and I had seen girls furiously puffing the brushes up and down the cheeks to even out the color. But hey, its such a different story with mousse. You apply by softly caressing the cheeks like a lover's gentle caress, softly coaxing the color to come alive in a dance which will end with a flourish. I love it!

Current Mood: contentcontent

I just felt in love again. Places I had fell at first sight included the old church at Cologne, Germany, and the fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein. Oh and Hallstat too. These are really very unforgettable sites that I had the good chance to visit, and its time to start accumulating dream destinations again.

Just discovered another one today, courtesy of Life. It is Europe's largest fortified town in south west france that will just steal your breathe away. The description is enough to make me wannna throw everything aside and fly to france. Imagine picturesque villages peppered with ancient relics, leading to a grand castle of peace and war. Imagine how many years and labor it took to fortified the castle, the blood, sweat, love and tears. The grandeur of history comes alive, cold stone slabs, hard walls and clobbered floors.

Someday, castle of Carcassonne, I'll definitely visit.

Current Mood: enthralled
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